You restarted because of a problem - NO I DIDN'T

I have a late 2012 27" iMac, Recently, before the latest update, whenever I restarted my iMac it would come up with the multi language kernel fault screen telling me a restarted because of a problem. When I try and shut down from the apple menu, it does not shut down, it restarts with the kernel panic screen. The only way I can shut down is by holding down the power button. So, I am looking for any ideas before I nuke and pave. This computer has a 3TB fusion drive. It has been replaced twice by Apple. So any restart gets a kernel panic and when I try a software shutdown, I get a kernel panic and it restarts. I accept all ideas, advice, questions and challenges

I also have the occasional Kernel Panic on my 2016 15" MacBook Pro (with Touch Bar). I read through the following article on Apple’s support site and ran the built-in diagnostics as they suggested. Everything checked out, though these diagnostics aren’t as comprehensive as the ones that Apple runs.

In my case, the problem seems to be related to the Touch Bar. It’s still not clear if it’s a software or hardware issue, so I’m going to bring it to the Genius Bar for a checkup sometime soon. Consider doing this as well if you have an Apple Store nearby. If not, there may be some diagnostics that Apple can run remotely that will shed some light on what’s going on.

You could also try booting off of an external drive (if you have one handy) to see if this fixes the problem.

Have you run Console and looked at the kernel panic report? It might give some insight.

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Follow the article on Apple’s website is my advice as well!

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which article on the Apple’s website. there are millions

@timstringer helpfully linked to it in his first response. It didn’t show up in @petterhol’s reply but you can see in the top right of his reply the particular post to which he was replying.


So the problem is that I have 2 Seagate Backup Plus hard drives. They were both plugged into an anker powered USB 3 hub. Apparently this no longer works. I unplug one of them and we boot just fine. I plug both in and we have issues. So, anyone hav idea on a good powered hub that I can plug 2 of these drives into?

It seems to be related to external drives. APFS and HFS+ is also a factor. Apparently APFS drives need more time to come up or shut down and when an external drive is APFS it will not shut down in time and throw an exception.