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A bit of a random question, but I’m curious what MPUs do with their email signatures, if anything.

  • Do you use a signature at all, personal, business, or both?
  • What information do you include?
  • Is it plain text, does it have images, is there anything unusual about it?

My email signature at work is a corporate dictation — it has a very specific format and is effectively a poor attempt at marketing.

The one at my previous job was particularly humorous. It contained social media icons but the mandated template had only the images and no links. So there was this pointless twitter and linkedin image at the bottom of every email that made it look like you could click through to the corporate account where in reality you couldn’t. It didn’t even offer the usernames to go look the accounts up yourself.

For personal email I’ve just used a sign off “Dave.” followed by the address of my blog, which I no longer include.

The business signatures in particular seem to be 1) overblown, often an order of magnitude longer than the actual content of the email, 2) a bit of a missed opportunity to provide some useful information.


John T. Johnson
PhD Candidate, School of Applied Physiology
Lab TA, Neuroscience Research Capstone
(###) ###-####

I have another with my physical address if someone might need to come to our lab.

For personal, it’s



For work. sig is my name and cell. People frequently call or text rather than write emails.

For personal email I’ve never used a sig. Seems strange to do so.

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For personal:
Mina Abadir

I have this as a TextExpander for easy signing.

Corporate is dictated as well. But it’s all text with name, extension and address.
We use Outlook, which allows for multiple signatures. I have two signatures:

  1. The first when I am starting a new email, this is the one I mentioned above.
  2. The second, is the a simple, with no information:
    Thank You - Mina
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Dave Kubert
IT Security Officer, University of Northern BC
Optimists: my@email.address
Extreme Optimists: xxx-yyy-zzzz


Sent from a mobile device; a terse message may not imply intentional rudeness.


Name, title, department, and a note that I’m currently on sabbatical to provide cover for slow replies.

For a while long ago (also for cover) I had this quote from Eliot’s Middlemarch (1872): “The bias of human nature to be slow in correspondence triumphs even over the present quickening in the general pace of things.”

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My signature:

So long, and thanks for all the fish,

No trees were destroyed in the sending of this message.
However, a significant number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.


At work we have a suggested template to follow that’s pretty standard: name, title, department, contact info. We also have suggested formatting that’s fairly understated. We have a logo image we can use if we want; I don’t use it.

I’ve never used a signature for personal email.

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The place where we board our dog signs all their emails, “Furry regards.” There is no better email signature than that.


A cat boarding place would probably go with “Furry disregards”


Don’t forget the legal disclaimer, which in my case is written in two different languages and the site of two legal sheets of paper when printed out :see_no_evil:


I had one of those at the previous job. The irony is that legally they count for absolutely nothing. At least in the UK an e-mail has the same legal standing as a written letter, and the disclaimer doesn’t change this, doesn’t provide any protection, and doesn’t alter liability for the content.

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Or “Go furry yourself; I’m busy napping”


At work we all have one of those nicely designed agency signatures. It’s not ideal, but I get the benefit of uniformity.

I sign my personal emails with just my first name. I usually write very short emails, so having a sign off feels too long to me. I compensate for the uncomfortable terseness by using tons of smileys. :slight_smile:



Direct & mobile phones



I absolutely loathe both graphics and disclaimers in signatures.


At work we have a signature mandated by the marketing department. It’s significantly bigger than I’d like. 15-25 years ago I used to argue or simply not use the official signature. Now I’m less inclined to make trouble out of trivial matters. Also, the woman who designed the signature is a nice lady. So I use the company signature.

I’ve appended it at the end of this message.

I’ve been told that some email clients strip off the email address from the From: field on forwarded messages. And people like to search email for contact information. So I make sure that all my work email signatures have my name, email address and phone number, even when replying on threads.

When I’ve been able to write my own email signature for work, I go with name, title, name of employer, sometimes a small logo, URL to the employer, and Twitter and maybe other social media links.

For my personal email I used to use my name and a few social media links but this thread convinced me that sig files are inappropriate for personal emails so I’m going to fix that.

On my iPhone my email signature is “sent from my phone.” On the iPad, it’s “sent from my tablets.” I don’t like to advertise for companies without getting paid, not even if the company is Apple.

And now the work email – it’s a screenshot because the Discourse editor won’t let me simply paste the signature in:


My druthers would be to cut the line “The Light Reading Network incorporates” and below. I’d like to have considerably less white space, and play around with a smaller font. But like I said I don’t want to make trouble over this particular issue.

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Eugenie (Oogie) McGuire
Desert Weyr, LLC - Hi Performance Black Welsh Mountain Sheep
LambTracker - Open Source Flock Management Software
Paonia, CO USA

Web site and sales contacts
Oogie McGuire
970-527-3573 9-4 mountain time

Short - used when I send email via phone (outgoing only)
Oogie McGuire -

Oogie McGuire, Registrar/Secretary/Treasurer
American Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Association
P.O. Box 534
Paonia, CO 81428-9793

A few thoughts on email signatures:

I am a fan of email signatures with basic contact details. It is frustrating when you are trying to get in touch with someone, search their latest email out only to find that they have not included any contact info.

I have various business signatures according to need, client etc (i am a consultant).

In terms of personal email accounts I do put the following at the very bottom, under a line, to help anyone get back in touch:

I have a snippet for the ‘Kind regards, Tim’ bit plus other snippets for different situations which I use frequently.

I find images a pain as they often do not show depending on the recipients email settings. Therefore I usually stick to plain text.

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I’m going to use that for my default personal signature. Says it all.

And then there are these people:

I hate that. It’s smug and also it’s not how the environment works. People printing out emails are not a threat to the environment.

It’s almost as if paper grew on trees or something.