Your favorite "power user" follows on Twitter?

Can I get some recommendations for Twitter accounts to follow that provide good info, links, workflows, etc. I prefer the ones that don’t include their personal activities, pics of food, political whining, etc. Just straight techie stuff. Thanks for any suggestions.

If you don’t read Michael Tsai’s blog you could at least follow @mjtsai.

@objective_see if you don’t read Objective-See.


Here are some Twitter handles from the list I keep around power users that would match your criteria (I have more there but maybe less centred on power user contents):

He stopped using Twitter 4 years ago unfortunately. Luckily, he’s bogging again.

I would argue many on your list aren’t very good at Twitter, they just post links to their blog posts.

This would be my preference. Blogging was the golden age of social media in my opinion.