Your favourite iPod

I suspect a lot of us had iPods at some point or another, mine was my “gateway drug” to Apple products! What was your favourite iPod?

My absolute favourite was probably the white glass front clickwheel iPod Nano I had, It was the first MP3 played I had bought which worked like advertised (I had one where I had to plug it in with a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable and record the songs onto it from a CD player…), and I loved it. It died once, and was replaced for free - though by then the colourful ones were out and I had hoped I would get the newer version!

I still have an iPod Nano, the last one with a touchscreen and bluetooth - it holds my audiobooks for flights and lives in my Bose headphone case (along with the cable for those headphones) - but it’s not quite as magical as that first one was.

What is/was your favourite iPod?

The purple iPod Nano 5th gen I think. It was small and sleek and held everything I needed/wanted.

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I really wanted that one, I have purple now though :smiley:

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iPod Nano 3rd Gen…in black!

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i loved that ipod nano that was short and a bit more square like. i can’t remember what gen that was… (R.I.P.)

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I want to say it was the 6th gen - there were lots of people wearing those as watches!

The first generation iPod Shuffle.

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I still have my iPod Nano, it’s a blue iPod Nano 6th gen. Very small and can be attached to our clothes with its clip.

ipod touch 3rd generation :sunny: I was buyng apps for it 2010.

My favorite “iPod” is my Apple Watch Series 3. Same relative size as my last Nano but so much more. My Watch has cellular service, so Music is always available. And it has big storage so downloaded on-board music is always available. Throw on a pair of AirPods and I’m good. Siri takes reminders, I can answer or make calls, send text, check Things or calendars, and listen to Music or Radio or podcasts. Beats all previous iPod generations.

But, then, I’ve held onto my copy of the first iPods sold. I bought it the month after Apple started selling them. It was magical back then, and it’s still cool just to look at. Though no longer possible to be functional.

So happy that I got one of the last iPod Classics 160 GB a few years ago. Everything from storage space to battery run time is great. The only drop of bitterness nowadays is that I can‘t use my BeatsX headphone because of missing Bluetooth.

I swapped out the 1.8” hard drive on an iPod mini with a CompactFlash card and gave it to a friend as a gift. I like that iPod casing. :grinning: