Your Flying Workflows

  1. I’ve started to play around with TripIt, but historically I just kept an Apple notes file with flight numbers and times.

  2. When possible, I use the individual airlines boarding pass app. That means I don’t have to mess around with printing boarding passes at hotels.

  3. I have Shure noise-isolating earbuds with an old-fashioned headphone cable. This can easily flip between the airplane’s audio jack, my iPhone SE, my iPad, or my MacBook Air. I also never have to worry about them running out of juice.

  4. Speaking of which, I’ve heard people complain about problems with Apple’s current MacBook Air or the MacBook Pros not fitting on tray tables. I’ve never had this problem with my now quite elderly MacBook Air 11 inch.

  5. If you ever do business in coffee shops or on airplanes GET A PRIVACY FILTER. Helps to safeguard your information from peeping eyes. I’ve actually found that working on a plane with headphones in and no internet access can be some of the most focused deep work you can do these days.

  6. Preload books in the Kindle App. Reading on planes or when stuck at the airport is a great way to pass the time.

  7. I keep a charged Anker battery and lighting cable with me.

  8. It is very non-tech, but I always try to take ibuprofen, pepto, and antidiarrheal medicine with me. You don’t want to be part way through a plane flight and suddenly realize you need some.


Does anyone know if TripIt now understands anything other than English? I have tried it twice in the past, but it always just gave me a blank stare of confusion when I sent it anything in local language.

The concept is brilliant, but this far it has been unusable for me.


I’m pretty sure I’ve sent it German emails before and it understood, but it’s designed to parse emails from booking websites not people - might that have been the problem?


Their website says the Premium Pass is “sold out” and there is a waiting list for the feature. The partner airlines for wifi are non-U.S. carriers.


Very much YES on this point. A couple years ago I decided to save the bulk of my report writing for a couple days when I knew I would be spending a lot of time in an airplane, and it was the most distraction free time I’ve spent!


How is that better than your own office?


Well, no one on my flight knew me and weren’t constantly brining things to me or needing my help on something. My office at work is a laboratory with a constant flurry of things going on all the time. When I really need to get away I will go to a library on campus and hide out, but on a flight where my movement is limited and no WiFi available meant I spent all my time writing :slight_smile:


Thanks Rose,

I sent it the airline booking confirmations. They were certainly generated by computers. I was thinking it would pattern match text strings like dates, time and flight numbers. These are not exactly impossible to find in any language, but no go, I’m afraid.


Pretty much the same, unless Lars got the last window seat.


Still English-only, I believe. Accidentally sent through a Spanish AirBNB confirmation recently and couldn’t work out why it failed, but a help file or something I found after some googling did say it only worked with English-language bookings.