YouTube app and iPadOS Bluetooth Privacy

Question here on the and iOS/iPadOS 13’s Bluetooth privacy options. I have a 2017 iPad Pro, and when iPadOS 13 was first installed, I was prompted, and denied, access to Bluetooth. The still appears, along with other apps, with access turned off in Settings>Privacy>Bluetooth.

Now I have a new 2020 iPad Pro and I’ve never been asked by to have access to Bluetooth. In fact, the and GoodNotes are the only two apps that have requested BT access in the month I’ve had this device. I just assumed that this was due to developers updating their apps to remove the ability to phone home via BT.

However, I see this icon for the after using the app, which I assume means that has been using Bluetooth. Now I have been using my AirPods when watching videos, but I would expect that to put an icon in the menu bar. Any ideas on this, as the cynic in me wonders if the developers have found a way to circumvent the security feature?

I think the YouTube app use Bluetooth to look for nearby ChromeCast devices so it can send the stream across. Several other apps I have installed ask for Bluetooth access for the same reason. However, I have never seen the app icon for any ChromeCast enabled app look like your screenshot.

I can understand some apps requesting Bluetooth access for legitimate reasons e.g. GoodNotes wants to know if a pencil is connected, but has not asked to access Bluetooth on this iPad.

It might be a suggestion from iOS about Bluetooth and your use of apps. The quote below is from this Reddit page,

It normally means that when you connect a Bluetooth device, let’s say a speaker or a keyboard, you tend to open that app. That is a suggestion based on the fact that you recently connected a Bluetooth device

Looks like that very well could be the answer-thanks! I’ve turned off Siri suggestions for YouTube, so I’ll see if the BT icon is still displayed.