Yummy FTP status

When checking for updates I noticed that the website for Yummy Software is no longer up. Does anyone have any news on this? Did the developer quit, or is it just a temporary problem with the website?

Probably forgot to renew domain and/or hosting? The Yummy apps are still in the MAS and on SetApp, and they were last updated in May. They’re popular apps so even if the dev wanted out of the biz he could’ve sold them.

10 Days have passed and no sign of life on Yummy’s website. This doesn’t look yummy to me.

Just looked at their Twitter account - no activity after an August tweet expressing anger at Apple’s elimination of App Store commissions. Then I noticed that they also made money promoting app deals, with a separate Twitter account. And that account went dead at the same time. Maybe they decided to get out of the Macware biz…

It definitely looks they’re no longe in business. Would have been nice if they had communicated that to their users. I find it even worse that Yummy FTP is still in te Mac App Store ‘cause it basically means people are buying unsupported software (although I read the latest version runs on Mojave, it has no support for dark mode and will never get that).
Personally I bought Yummy FTP not too long ago. That seems to be a waste of money. :frowning: I’ll now be looking for a replacement.

Just checked my receipts - bought Yummy FTP Pro in the MAS in November 2014 for $3.99. Definitely got my money’s worth, though lately I’ve been using Forklift for S/FTP as well as a neat dual-pane Finder replacement. (Forklift originally cost me $2.99 in the MAS in 2015, and the crossgrade from the dev - I think they abandoned the MAS - cost me another $15 last year.)

Yummy still works fine. Just use it 'till it dies.

I bought a “MAS upgrade” in February of this year for slightly more than $18. It’s not that it’s broken (yet), but I wouldn’t call this value for money either.