Zapping PRAM. 7 times?

I’ve been fixing Macs for a while now and I came across an opinion that threw me for a loop. A co worker says that to do a PRAM reset properly you should let the startup bong sing out 7 times. That’s right, hold the keys down while the Mac reboots 7 times. He claims it does a more thorough job at cleaning things up. Said there were 7 layers (of what he didn’t say!)
Aaaaand GO!

My soy decaf late tastes better when its stirred counterclockwise :sunglasses:

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Ummmmm, NO…

I learned that 3 times is enough and 2 times is what Apple states in all repair guides now.

Your co-worker needs to re-certify his Apple credentials :wink:

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If you let it bong for an 8th time the computer is permanently broken.

No, Apple does not recognize this.

Maybe thinking seven times is the charm is the result of too many bongs.

I told you I went WHAAAAAT!!! :scream::scream::scream: Young kid too. Ah the invincibility of youth vs the wisdom of age…

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Yep. It’s the Dunning-Krueger effect. It can strike at any age :slightly_smiling_face: