Zoho Mail and Apple Mail

Hi All,

I was wondering anyone uses Zoho Mail with a custom domain and had it setup via IMAP with Apple Mail (Mac) and has this issue and/Or knows if this is an IMAP issue.

Right now in Apple Mail if I file a message away in a folder it is moved into that folder in the app though when I login via the webmail app the message is still in my inbox.

Whenever I move messages on my phone the messages are shown as moved in the webmail so I am sure I am missing something I am just not sure what. Any advice would be appreciated?

I use Zoho with my own domain name with Apple Mail and it’s working fine for me.

One idea—are you moving the message or copying it? (In the contextual menu there’s both options.)


Thanks. I thought I was moving them though that could be the issue. Thanks.