Zoom Automation?

For those of you that hold trainings over Zoom, I’m stuck on something that feels like it shouldn’t be this hard. Here’s the scenario:

After someone registers for a training on Zoom (say a month from now), they’re automatically approved and they get the link. They’re also invited to add it to their calendar at that time. They also receive an email from Zoom confirming they’ve signed up and dates/times.

A month has now passed. Some people forget they have signed up and/or don’t use calendars. Some of the organizations we are working with want me to send “reminder emails” the day before.

I can’t figure out how to automate this. Zoom doesn’t seem to offer it. The best I’ve found is GScheduler with Gmail, but I’m not sure how well it will work in practice. In other words, I might be better off doing this manually.

Tell me there is an easier way that I’m missing! Please?

PS. We are a nonprofit and the organizations that are requesting this are some of our bigger clients. So telling them to figure out their own dang calendar won’t work very well! :wink:

You want to add the Webinar capability to Zoom, which lets you customize the reminder schedule. It costs more than regular Zoom but if attendance makes you money, or saves you money, it’s probably worth it. Zoom Webinar Plans & Pricing | Zoom - Zoom

Because they sell that, I doubt there will be a first party workaround for regular Zoom, unfortunately.

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You could use a third-party email app that allows you to snooze an email until a specified time.

You could report in your next business meeting on an assessment for how much it will cost for you to automate a meeting reminder service (using for example this app or this service) and note that donations to that end would be gladly received.

(Non-profit should not mean service for free)


Can you set the reminder timescales on the Calendar invite they receive?

I’ve been wrestling with this issue as well.

I don’t tend to use the Zoom Registration system for meetings as there isn’t currently any support for reminder emails (and it’s not as customizable as I’d like)

As @cornchip mentioned, Zoom’s webinar add-on does support reminder emails, but interactions in Zoom webinars is limited (e.g. only hosts, co-hosts, and presenters can turn on their cameras and there isn’t currently any support for breakout rooms) and the webinar add-on adds extra cost.

One workaround is to manually send out confirmation emails to everyone who’s registered (perhaps a day or two before the start date/time and again the day of the event). If you go to the Registration area under the meeting you can click the View link and resend the invitation emails to some or all registrants.

If you don’t require that everyone have a unique meeting link, you could use something like Eventbrite to accept registrations and send the same meeting link to everyone who registers. This meeting link could also be included in reminder emails.

I’ve also looked into some native integrations and Zapier automation. They can be used to register people in Zoom meetings without using Zoom’s register feature, but the unique meeting link still comes from Zoom and I haven’t found a way to include this link in any reminder emails sent through third-party services.

I hope this helps!