Zoom not connecting to CERTAIN meetings

Hi everyone!

I’ve searched the forums here and elsewhere and I couldn’t find an answer to my current predicament. So here’s hoping someone has a tip for me!

As everybody these days I take part in lots of Zoom meetings. MostlyI connect from my 2015 Macbook Air 11", sometimes from a 2015 Macbook Air 13" and even from a 2010 Mac Mini, using the Zoom app and it all works fine.

However, it has so far twice happened to me, always with the same organizer, that I receive an error in the Zoom app (I haven’t written it down, but it was a 5000-something) and I have to connect from the browser, which has more limited capabilities.

I have tried upgrading the app, but to no avail. I have checked my firewall settings, in case I had changed anything inadvertently, but Zoom is not blocked and my other meetings have always worked fine.

Can there be a specific issue with this particular organizer that I cannot see? (None of the other participants have complained.

Thank you in advance!

I see this inability to access a meeting from the Zoom app occasionally but rarely. It’s always been because the organizer miscopied the meeting link.

Thank you for your quick reply.

It can’t be that, I acceded with the same credentials from the browser. Since it has happened twice with the same organiser, but not other ones, I tend to think that there is something else, unless it is sheer coincidence.

Since I can join meeting even from my 2010 mini I don’t think that it’s a a question of outdated hardware either.

If anybody has seen this before and has any ideas I’d be happy to hear them!