Zotero for iOS now available for TestFlight

To avoid the Bookends subscription, I’m testing Zotero. The biggest hangup for me has been resolved–I can now copy/past citations and bibliography information on the iPad.

If you are interested in Zotero you can signup here for the Beta, which was just released.

Zotero 1.0 (137) is ready to test on iOS.

  • Citation/bibliography support
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes Please post to the Zotero Forums with all bug reports and feature requests. Note that annotation editing is restricted to My Library during the beta period. To access your PDF annotations on all your devices, be sure to install the Zotero Beta on your computer and enable the new PDF reader from the General pane of the Zotero preferences. Thanks for helping to test Zotero for iOS!

This is great, finally! I’m sure it will need to go through several iterations but nice to see.


I had high hopes for this but left disappointed. The main issue is that attachments have to be synced via Zotero account, and the app doesn’t integrate with Files.app. So hacks like this doesn’t work. And a subscription will be needed for larger libraries.

My iOS needs are simpler, I only need to add references and copy citations/bibliographical information to paste into Obsidian or Scrivener. I can use the Mac version for heavy lifting. For examples, simple pasting of entries like this:

(Van Alstyne, 1969)
Van Alstyne, W. (1969). A critical guide to Marbury v. Madison. Duke Law Journal, 1.

As an iOS companion I guess it suffices.

I expected full fledged app on iPad. If it had the capability to store attachments on some external location in Files.app, it could have been groundbreaking for reference management on iOS.


May be version 2? :crossed_fingers:

Hey, this is pretty cool! I like to see this kind of development…this kind of software being created and improved over time will only make the iPad more powerful for long-form, academic writing!

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