Zotero-like software for other media

Hello everyone.

Being a hoarder of the internet, I have used Zotero for everything from a repository for research articles to book tracking (non-fiction/fiction), well even sometimes for grabbing web pages. I LOVE the browser extension and the ease of grabbing metadata straight from the get go. No major hussling with collecting a lot of stuff while fixing the metadata of everything you grab.

Now, I would love to hear if anyone know of any software that can do the same for music albums and films. You browse the web and everytime you find a film or an album you wan’t to reference, aka consume, later it is grabbed to you collection with all metadata included by the click of an extension.

I have tried to write a Keyboard Maestro macro that collects metadata from Allmusic (year, artist, title, genre, album cover) but being a rookie with Javascript it is a easily broken workflow - the macro is far from perfect.

So if you know of any software that can help it would be highly appreciated!

CDPedia and DVDPedia from the same guy who makes BookPedia does pretty much what youa re asking for. Bruji site

Thank you! It is very close at least. I will give it a try and see. The only feature I miss is browsing the internet (for example Allmusic.com) and finding an item I want to add, it would be great to just press one button, extension or hotkey to add it to my database with metadata included. I guess CDPedia is scriptable? I am reading into web scraping in order to learn to do this, but I am very much a rookie.

Do you know whether Bruji is still active? It looks like there hasn’t been updates for a long time.

Thanks again!

Updates seem to come very slowly.

I haven’t played with either of them scripting wise at all.

I love this. And pretty much have the same psychological condition.

I use Discogs for music. https://www.discogs.com/ I don’t love it, but it’s the best I’ve found. I’d love a tool that captured full liner notes.

I haven’t found anything great for film. I’ve used IMDb, but it’s not ideal.

I did experiment with putting this kind of material in Zotero, but it doesn’t really work. (As you already concluded.)

This post came out sounding so negative and defeatist. I assure you I was just trying to be matter of fact.

I actually just stumbled upon a wonderful list spp that grabs metadata from IMDB, music sites as well as other kinds of media. It is called Listy. Check it out.

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Loath looks great. I’m going to check it out. Good find.