my name is Sven, based out of Hamburg, Germany - that is that part of Germany you do not know, as everybody knows only Munich and Bavaria - however, Hamburg is, of course, the better part :wink:
For the last almost 30 years I have been working in the IT industry and currently I am part of an EMEA/JAPAC digital innovation organisation working on combining new technology such as BC, AI, ML (being part of AI), IoT, etc. We are doing projects driving by business value rather than for the sake of technology (“Let’s do some BC it is a buzzer.” that’s not what we do - LOL)

Besides Digitalisation of our world, I care about good music, good food and cooking, photography, a lot about politics (I am engaged in a refugee program where I live), literature (even trying to write a book but has not yet really taken off), and lots of other things.

I have been using Mac’s since about 2005 and every since - we have a BYOD policy in our company, so I buy my own computer and use it for business. I am using an iMac Retina, a MacBook Pro 2017, an iPhone X, AirPods, iPad Pro 12.9", iPad Pro 9.7", HomePod, Apple Watch, …
As a server at home I am using a Synology with 12TB inside and the network is based on Ubiquit Unifi networking technology.

Happy to be here, learn and hopefully being able to contribute!