1. Be Polite.
The Internet is often a mean place, but the MPU Talk Forum is designed to be a haven to just hang out and talk about our shared interests. Be respectful of other users, refraining from name-calling, personal attacks, shaming and argument tactics like devil’s advocate positions.

2. Respect the Mods
The MPU Talk Forum has a team of mods to keep an eye on things here. They are here as volunteers to keep everyone safe and to keep this an enjoyable and useful community, so do what they say. If feedback from the Mod team is ignored, it can result in a ban.

If you see a post that seems out of line and flag it for a moderator to see, please include feedback about it with your flag.

3. No Spam or NSFW Material
It’s totally cool to share what you’re working on, just be mindful not to overdo it. Things are not to be listed for sale in the Forum, nor should you use affiliate links to Amazon, etc. when sharing products. If you share a link from somewhere else, please provide context for it.

NSFW material is not permitted and posting it will result in a ban.

4. Be Helpful & Respectful
This Forum is meant to be a place where MPU listeners and members of the community can come to get questions answered, share new things they are into and generally communicate about nerdy things. It’s great to share links or experience, but doing so in a disrespectful way is not welcome.

Shaming someone for their opinions or lack of experience in an area is not cool, either.

5. Be Ethical
Keep in mind general ethics while participating in conversations. Threads will be put into slow mode or locked when debates move away from the subject matter and toward personal attacks or arguments.

6. Items Should Not Be Posted for Sale
The MPU forum does not offer a “For Sale” category. There are loads of other places on the web for such things.

7. A Place for Fun
The world is far too polarized. We want this to be a safe place for you to share your enthusiasm for getting the most from your Apple products, without bringing in politics or current events in ways that are not pertinent to the discussion at hand. Remember that and enjoy!