(1) Completely remove the Zoom app, (2) force browser use

Two things:


Old versions of Zoom require manual deletion of files and folders from numerous places, while newer versions allow you to choose File > Uninstall Zoom. But even following Zoom’s instructions leaves cruft in macOS: on my Mac it left behind an invisible .zoomus folder, an install.log, and a ZoomChat.plist.

I was alerted to these after they got deleted by using the following downloadable Terminal script:

and following the simple instructions in the ReadMe.


Zoom purposefully hides the functionality to join a Zoom call via a web browser by first requesting you to download their software. (After downloading it will give you a link to join via your browser, which launches the app).

There are open source browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge (Operas version coming soon) that make visible that chat hidden link without having to download the software first.

You can see the source of the project and links to the extensions here:


Would Clean My Mac clean out all the files?

I only mentioned a couple of the files not auto-deleted. The excellent script I mentioned looked for and was able to pull Zoom files files from both application folders, from /library/caches and /library/logs and /preferences and /library/preferences and library/cookies too. I would not use FAF for this.

OK, sure. Stupid suggestion deleted.

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Sorry, I must have missed something. What is FAF?

Find Any File ($6) is a pretty neat search app that can show files hierarchically. It helps you find things you know exist, but in this case the script I used grabbed files and folders whose names (not to mention existence) were unknown, and were not even found/removed by the app-deletion utility I used, AppDelete.