1 month shipping time for ipad pro

I’m in the market for a new education pricing iPad Pro but none of the 12 or so local stores in southern california have them in stock, & Apple’s website shows a July 23 delivery date. I’d really prefer to from Apple for the education discount & the free headphones… but I don’t want to wait a month. Any advice?

Evaluate the price difference between edu pricing + tax and an authorized dealer outside the state who doesn’t charge tax.

Not sure about now but bhphotovideo.com used to not charge sales tax to people in California. For example, Apple’s edu price for a 12.9" iPad Pro/WiFi 256Gb is $999 + ~ $80 in tax. B&H charges $1099 with free shipping.

Of course, summer edu purchases also bundle Airpods now I think, and AppleCare+ is usually a little cheaper too. But if you don’t want to wait…

Yeah B&H is now required to charge CA tax. I was hoping to hear stories of Apple shipping times dropping precipitously after order :slight_smile:

B&H do offer a branded store card called PayBoo that gives immediate cashback equivalent to your state’s tax. (Be sure to pay it off immediately, or get hit with high interest rates.)

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When I ordered my MacBook Air recently, it had a three week waiting time. It arrived after just a week and a bit, so it is possible.

Wow – thought this would only be a problem down these parts.

Been waiting weeks for stock of the 11" iPad Pro – lucked out by finding (what appears to have been) the sole [11" 256GB Space Grey Wifi only] model available anywhere online through an Apple Reseller yesterday afternoon.

I wonder what impact Covid has had on supply – not only in terms of production and couriering constraints – but rather to gauge whether lockdown has driven more users to iPads (not to mention mouse/trackpad/cursor/keyboard support)? Will be very interesting the see the numbers in the next Apple financial update.

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I stalled all day & now it’s showing end dates in august for the delivery. ugh. All accessories are available now, just not the device.