1 step forward, a few steps back for Bing

Yesterday Microsoft achieved their goal - I not only switched to Bing as my primary search destination but also switched to Edge as my main Browser.

Except now Bing AI has stopped working and I see that is because Microsoft has introduced a cap of 50 searches per day.

So I am back to Chrome - and no doubt I am not alone. Especially among other early strong supporters of Bing AI.

Particularly for serious users integrating Bing AI into business or academic workflows for research and/or word processing, this limit can be easily exceeded. Indeed the whole point of switching to Edge is to take advantage of the new Discover/Insight/Chat side bar; but if that now has a limit of 50 searches per day then I will return back to Chrome, ChatGPT, and/or Perplexity.AI.

Perhaps success for Microsoft is short-lived?

Perhaps MS is aware of the limits of the system, and is just not expecting anyone to use it for Business.
And for Leisure, a limit of 50 seems to be well enough…

Odd. I feel like I can do 50 searches before Breakfast.

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