10.5" iPad Pro homescreen

I love the option to keep the first Homescreen page empty to show off the awesome 2018 MacBook Pro wallpaper.

As on my iPhone I’ve indexed my apps into categorized folders - those most often used placed in the dock.

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Cool! I didn’t know a blank page was a thing.

Neither did I until my 7 year-old son showed me this on his iPad Mini :joy:

I have an elderly neighbor who struggled with her iPhone 7, which she uses mostly as a phone (weird, right? :wink:) and the clutter from the stock apps was confusing her, so I made her main screen empty with just Phone, Messages, Mail and Camera in the dock. Everything works better for her now, although she still conflates what Mail and Messages do (and when an equally confused friend FaceTimes her… sigh).

I placed the main stock apps (News, FaceTime, Calculator, Contacts, Settings) on the 2nd page, and whatever remained (eg Watch, Clock, Stocks) on the 3rd.

After two months I don’t think she’s ever gotten to the 3rd page.


I can understand that. Immediacy is a difficult concept.
Hm. As I started writing this, I thought of an analogy that might work for her: phone calls are still immediate and understandable since they’ve been available for a long time, emails are like letters, and texts are like telegrams. Short and immediate messages. Although she might associate that with being expensive.

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I did something similar with my mom’s 7S, but now she just got an iPad (non-pro) so here we go again with TV watching apps etc :joy:

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Apps are like channels…

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