10 ft Thunderbolt 3 Cable?

I need a 3 m/10 ft TB3 cable to make a new office layout work, but I can’t seem to find one. The longest I’ve found is 2m/6.6 ft. Does anyone know if this basselope exists?

I’ve only seen 2m T3 cables.

Passive cables longer than 0.5 meters feature only 20 Gbps connectivity so if you want a longer Thunderbolt 3 cable while retaining full 40 Gbps connectivity, you’ll need to spring for an active cable, such as this 2m one from CalDigit or this 2m one from OWC. Active cables contain transceivers in the plugs that regulate data transfer, these transceivers provide the necessary stability over longer lengths, but I haven’t seen any over 2m.

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Keep an eye on Corning they currently have thunderbolt cables up to 33ft (expensive!). One could assume they will come our with 3.1


Thanks for that tip. I did not know that.

I think that CalDigit one is what came with the TS3 dock, so I have it already.

Check out the 200 footer. Yowzers.

These have worked beautifully for me. I have 2. Connecting iMac Pro to 2 separate external graphics boxes. There’s a chance they throttle down. Hasn’t been an issue though, as one EGPU box contains graphics card, the other ProTools HDX card.

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Thanks for sharing! It’s in my shopping card.

USB-C cables are easy to find, it’s the Thunderbolt that are elusive.

Adorama has the Corning USB C and Thunderbolt optical cables


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The ones at that link appear to be the old TB2 optic cables, or USB 3.0 type A.

$1200. And you thought Apple cables were expensive :smile:

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