100: Staying with Episode 100


Did FocusedBot accidentally strip the title of the podcast from the name of the episode?

/cc @ismh who I’m guessing might be the one who created the bot

Nice episode! Hope you do another Q&A/feedback segment sometime soon.

I liked David’s mention of “firing” a client. I read David Ogilvy’s “Confessions of an Advertising Man” in high school, and I was blown away by Ogilvy’s boast that “I have fired far more clients than have ever fired me.” (not exact quote). That you could do that was a healthy thing to learn at a young age.

Now I want to re-read the book, he said a lot about integrity, creative work, how to write, how to make a living, and dealing with other people that I suspect will resonate well with the things you talk about on Focused.

Kyle from Austin Texas sounds like a multipotentialite/Scanner/Renaissance Soul. I think Anthony Ongaro was the guest who mentioned it, in episode 81. But I also felt like I had too many projects, and after listening to that episode, I started doing some research on the idea. Just doing that helped me, so if anyone else was struggling with that, a good place to start is, honestly, the Wikipedia page for Multipotentiality. The books listed as resources even have some ideas for handling tons of side projects.