102: Analog Productivity with Brad Dowdy

Seems like this episode and the simultaneous launch of a new product called “Analog” can’t just be a coincidence. :thinking:I mean it’s literally cards you use to focus on work throughout the day…

Interesting. Kind of a bullet journal with the spine removed.
I might try this with some index cards.

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Anyone know the name of the productivity app Brad Dowdy mentioned in the episode – Tot? Taught? Taut??? I couldn’t find it - wasn’t in the show notes.

I haven’t listened yet, but was it Tot?

Yes! Amazing, thank you so much! The app store was extremely confused by my searches - appreciate the quick help!!

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This was complete coincidence! It does look pretty awesome though. The Studio Neat Mark Two also launched the same day: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/danprovost/mark-two-a-minimal-and-durable-pocket-pen

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Yeah, I have two Mark Ones and love them! Had to get both colors :slight_smile:

Jeff does great work. I have the same Ugmonk Journal; not into fountain pens, so I’ve been quite happy with the paper, FWIW. Jeff has a great set of t-shirts that fit amazingly, too. They’re not cheap, but I’ve never had better-fitting, more durable shirts. I have like 6–7 and just rotate through them.

Jeff did an IG live today where he talked through his process. He started using index cards years ago. He talked through how the dedicated system was an improvement for him around @13:00 https://www.instagram.com/tv/CB5-mGanKO4/?igshid=1cctxg6bzq946

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