110: Focus with Michael Hyatt

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Great episode, guys! I thought it was very helpful. Michael Hyatt always delivers!

Great guest, of course. I want to know so much more about their 30-hour week experiment. It sounds like it’s 8-3 or 8:30-3? And every salaries employee participates? Hats off to them—it sounds like the culmination of a lot of work to not rely on filling random pockets of time in response to earlier delays and inefficiencies.

Also an interesting tidbit about that unnamed fast food restaurant that probably doesn’t sell burgers. :wink:

I do wish we could get his Full Focus planners here in the UK without the potential of having to pay import duties!

Excellent episode! Lots of good tidbits to implement. I’ve already referred this episode to a couple of people

I really think Focused is hitting its stride! Love listening to each episode— thanks Mike and David!


I know I’m late to the party, but man is Michael Hyatt amazing to listen to. I always feel like I am ready to take on the world, but in a balanced, focused way. He an amazing gift of woo I think.