114: Inputs and PKM Stacks

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I am quite interested in that future episode about the themes in Cal Newport’s recent article!

Here’s a GTD podcast episode taking issue with the Cal Newport article. I thought the article was good in areas and the podcast was also fair in the points they raise.


Thank you! It’s in the queue.

Aside from GTD and a task manager (Things 3), I’m a relatively new arrival on the personal productivity scene. I’ve been looking at using an app for my PKM system. In the past this has been a logical (for me) folder system on DropBox, and now transferred to iCloud.

My impression has been that Roam Research and Obsidian are too advanced/technical for my needs. I want something I can easily store all kinds of files in (lots of pdf’s of web articles), that can OCR if possible, with folders for organization, that doesn’t have a proprietary file format for easy export in the future.

So far I’m been looking at and testing Keep It and DevonThink Pro. Keep It seems much more limited than DV. From the comments it seems like a lot of listeners to Focused use DT for their PKM system. I was surprised when in this episode about PKM stacks neither David nor Mike even mentioned the option of DT. Am I missing something here? Is DT not much of a player anymore, or are David and Mike such advanced users that it is inadequate for their needs?

So right now I’m seriously considering using DT. Am I missing something in even considering DT as my long term PKM? I’d love to hear @MacSparky and @mikeschmitz talk about DT.