117: Roles & Goals

Loved the episode. Reminded me a lot about the Stephen Covey Weekly Review of Roles & Goals and Big Rocks.

One thing I was trying to research on line was the word “Ariarte”. Not sure if I am spelling this correctly, but was unable to find it. Am I looking for the right word ? @MacSparky

Here’s what I found on Wikipedia


@FrJasselin Excellent, Thank you!

First time listener to the Focused podcast. David says at one point that in the OmniFocus Library his roles are at the top of his hierarchy of folders, or words to that effect. I’m looking for some clarification. I like the idea of roles rather than goals (I’ve never really had the latter, and I’ve been using task managers for over 40 years), but OmniFocus has Projects, Tasks and Tags, none of which are really represented by folders. Am I just being pedantic? I’ve experimentally set up roles as tags, but OmniFocus structures its review around projects. It seems to me that a project can, and probably will, support multiple roles. I wonder if there are better tools out there to support this concept - other than pencil and paper.

OmniFocus does have folders at least in version 3.

Hi, Yes, I’ve discovered that since. Not a triumph of UI design, in my humble opinion.

OmniFocus UI design is definitely lacking especially if you’ve used Things. But the power…

@FocusedBot where can I find more resources on roles? Especially the way @MacSparky keeps them front and center?