12 vs 12 Pro Aesthetics

Sorry for the rant, but wanted to throw this out there as some people are still debating phone choices this generation. I’m a little annoyed by this refrain that seems to have stuck with reviewers this year covering the 12 Pros that the worst design decision is that the steel rails collect fingerprints. You know what - they do. But as someone who had a black iPhone 11 last year, you know what is a worse fingerprint magnet - the back of the phone. When I put my phone face down on my desk during work, I don’t once notice the rails, but I do see all the fingerprints on the black back of my phone (mentioning the black because of my personal experience and because I’ve heard multiple reviewers with this critique praise the black iPhone 12). I love the matte rails of the 11/12 style phone, but I much prefer the matte back larger surface area of the Pros if I’m picking. Either way, I just can’t believe this issue has reverberated into every single review of the phones - shiny objects attract fingerprints, water is wet. Carry on.

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I think this is one of those issues that matters a lot more to reviewers (who are often also taking pictures of the phone for inclusion in their review) than it does to most users.