124: Reading and Learning


Toward the end of this episode when discussing taking notes from YouTube videos David mentioned he puts in a timestamp and the note.

David…are you automating getting the timestamp (and if so, how)?

I really enjoy the things that Readwise shows me every few days. I’m happy to be a paying subscriber.

I’m a recent convert to learning via YouTube. It’s usually pretty informal (not taking notes), and sparked by other media (podcasts, film, books). I’m becoming more of a believer in doing some reading every day, usually before bed. It’s frequently just a handful of pages - but it nourishes me and moves the needle for books that I want to delve into.

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Along with @MacSparky, I’m a huge fan of reading books from a Kindle or iPad with the Apple Books app. Along with all the reasons David gave, here are some other factors to consider:

  1. As I age I find that I need stronger, brighter light in order to read a physical book without eye strain. I find myself wanting to read in a lot of circumstances where that’s just not available or would be a hassle to create. That is a total non-issue for reading on a mobile device. I can read anywhere, at any time, in any light. It also allows one to read. with no lights on, like when my wife is in bed reading while I’m sleeping. Young bucks like @mikeschmitz might not have the issue of finding sufficient lighting now, but someday you will!

  2. Another age-related benefit of reading from devices is that I can easily make the font size any size I find comfortable for reading. Just can’t do that with a physical book without using another device as well, like a magnifying glass.

  3. I find that most books I buy for Kindle or Apple Books cost considerably less in digital form as opposed to paper, often 50%-75% less. I consider that a huge advantage in consuming books.