13.6.1 slow for anyone else?

Seems like there’s a lot of lag. Spotlight is bad again…doesn’t always search. Not sure if it’s the OS or if something else got screwed up.

Seems okay here. I had Spotlight troubles twice a year ago but everything’s been fine since then. The first time ‘Reset All Settings’ fixed the issue (but it’s a pain to get everything customized again), and then an iOS update fixed it for good.

I remember you had that issue last fall too. Try a reset.

I’m starting to think it’s Overcast. It seems really buggy right now. In fact, iOS just crashed while doing nothing but listening to a podcast.

You’re not the only person having problems with Overcast - there was a discussion here 2-3 weeks ago…

…but no one was describing Spotlight problems.

I don’t think the problem was with spotlight, I think(?) that overcast operating in the background was slowing things down.