13-inch MacBook Pro Updated

No 14-inch with thinner bezels, but a lot to like here, including the new keyboard:


My new MBA is delivering today, so 2 weeks to figure out if it’s worth the return and upgrade!

US $1699 with education discount (or $1149 with the trade in on my 2016 MPB) seems like a lot to get four ports. Everything less gets you two. And a 720p FaceTime camera. Before I was teaching online, the lower priced models with only two ports might have been attractive for the keyboard alone but now that I need a USB mic, external monitor and power supply connected at the same time, and need to show every detail of my face to my students, I think I’ll wait until the next round. Easier than buying a new laptop & dock.

These reports, especially Ming Chi-Kuo’s report from 5 weeks ago and Mark Gurman’s sources reported a week later, come from the most reliable analysts and reporters, with repeated, proven ability to accurately prophesy Apple’s future product plans due to insider information from both the supply chain and Apple itself, going back at least five years.

You’re conflating reports from people with solid records of revealing upcoming hardware releases with subsequent speculations by… I don’t know who you’re referring to, actually. Kind of a mixed-up straw-man argument.


Was considering an Air but for $300 more and 0.3 lbs, I get more power and more ports. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Totally agree with Wolfie. Power users are going to be disappointed by the first wave of Arm machines, whenever they actually show up, just as they were with Intel M. Apple has a great relationship with their fabricators and vertical integration, but they are subject to the same laws of physics as the other low power desktop/laptop chip makers. And the software compatibility/emulation challenge is not small…

So while I don’t advocate for unnecessary upgrades, I wouldn’t suggest someone hold off on a needed new laptop because of something MCK or Gurman said.


No one was claiming they had proof in hand to share publicly. Kuo and Gurman each reporting the same inside info (one from supply-chain sources, the other from sources at Apple) have never to my knowledge been mistaken.

Awesome comparison of the new Macbook Pro 2020 vs MBA 2020 at the same price point (1299).

Looks like MBA 2020 would be the winner for most use cases.


@Beresford_Salmon Thanks so much for sharing this – hadn’t seen it yet. I was utterly convinced I should get the MBP, but this has me thinking about the MBA if I can get it to cost a decent amount less.

Thanks for sharing! Even though I’m looking at high end MBA vs mid MBP it was helpful to see RR’s thoughts.