136: Social Focus, with Taylor Jacobson

So excited for an all Focusmate episode! I love Focusmate, especially for what David was talking about where it helps me to actually keep to my time blocks. It is also good for helping to let me know when I’m bad at estimating times - if I think it will take 2 sessions it is pretty clear when it doesn’t since they are nice discrete blocks.

Intensely candid interview. Good stuff! I don’t use Focusmate regularly, but it’s a wonderful tool for getting unstuck.

One of my favorite uses is coming up on Monday! I set a session for a bit after the apple event so I stop reading the endless commentary about it and get back to work.


Great idea - very clever!

I learned the hard way a few back that if I don’t I just lose a whole day of work. All of my tracking numbers (both automated & journal based) are just awful that day without it.

What was the name of the book that was referred to in the show about the relationship between thinking/body? I’ve tried finding it again without luck but don’t want to listen to the whole thing over again to find it … It’s not referred to in the show notes.


It’s The Extended Mind by Annie Murphy Paul

Thank you! Definitely a book to put on the list.