148: Savoring the Moment, with Chris Bailey

Drink every time he says “Dopaminergic”.

No, don’t do that, you’ll die if alcohol positioning. :grin:


I really enjoyed this one! Love the idea of “savoring”.

I enjoyed this episode as well. And savoring resonated with me. Although I do not understand why @MacSparky has a difficult time distinguishing savoring and intentionality. :man_shrugging:t3:

And I thought David’s comment about how the “technology industry has let us down chasing stimulation” was curious, given the first comment on his blog post about the Mac Studio was that it wasn’t as ugly as he expected. :slight_smile:

Utility and stimulation need not be mutually exclusive.

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This episode felt like reading a good book, very enjoyable. Gee, I wonder what Chris Bailey’s next book is going to be about? :smirk: :rofl:

When you look back to where everyone has come from since 2015 with books like Deep Work (Cal Newport), Hyperfocus (Chris Bailey) and now Dopamine, it seems the natural path has been “Deep Work is the goal, Hyperfocus/Scatterfocus rein in focus, and Dopamine is the driver behind distraction”. There are so many forces working on us at any one time.

Chris’s thoughts on moving away from straight “Productivity” are something that I have felt in my own choices around what podcasts I listen to, books I read and practices I employ. I can’t quite come off using the task manager tools like @mikeschmitz but I am seeing that there is limited value in full GTD. I try to manage what is happening in my immediate sphere a lot more, and let the other stuff go. If it’s important, it will eventually surface again, and what is truly important is a great lens to use.

James Clear (Atomic Habits author) offered this quote: “The biggest risk to productivity is always the same: working on the wrong thing”. That discerning of what is important from what isn’t is what is working for me at the moment.

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