15-inch MacBook Air?

Seems strange to have such a large Air.

I really hope this comes to fruition. It would be the perfect replacement for my wife’s 2015 15-inch MBP.

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Like the 14-inch and 6-inch MBPs, I see value in having 13-inch and 15-inch MBAs. Some people need or want a bigger screen, but don’t need the power. With the MBAs being cheaper, I hope the price and spec differentials between the Air line and the Pro line are clear cut. Additionally, the 13-inch MBP needs to go.

Along similar lines, I don’t understand having a 12-inch MacBook Air or 14-inch iPad. Apple definitely needs to do research and development to innovate and I hope this is along those lines. Don’t get me wrong, back when I had a first-generation MacBook Adorable as my tertiary work machine, it was great for having out and about. With the iPads having improve so much sense then, my concern is Apple is returning to a pre-Steve Jobs company with too many different products.

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Agree on the 13” MBP - it should go. Rumors of the 12” device being a higher-end device are very interesting. A dockable, ultraportable device with higher end power definitely flexes the unique qualities of Apple’s chips. And perhaps a worthy bottom end of the “Pro” line (or, knowing Apple, a premium for portability may be asked).

As for the 14” iPad, many have clamored for a larger iPad for a long time. I’m sure it will be useful for many. I’ve never gone above 11” on my iPads, but I rarely use more than one app + one in Slide Over. That’s my preference. Maybe Stage Manager changes that for me? Maybe a bigger device would work better for me as a multi-tasking device? Multi-tasking would be better with more space. As would art-creating, photo-editing. It’s a niche device, but still an interesting device.

Why? I feel like it’s a great size, I would prefer more screen space but don’t want to sacrifice portability so 13" seems like a sweet spot.

Now that you point that out, I guess I can see it as something that stays on a desk.

Other than the out of date design, it’s a MacBook Air with a fan and smaller screen.