15 tips to improve your Apple Watch’s battery life

With the release of Watch 10 and new watches, this article seems timely. I learned a few things I did not know, perhaps you will too.


I don’t sleep with my AW. I take it off and put on the bookshelf. When I wake up, I note that the Watch have drained almost 20% of battery. Just by doing nothing! I wish that Apple will make the Watch go to sleep like a Mac. That would have been a great help in improving battery life.

I wear my watch at night and it rarely uses more than 15% battery.


I was just comparing your watch which should effectively be doing nothing, burns through 20%, yet mine which is monitoring my sleep level, breathing, heart rate… is using 15%

It seems strange to hear it’s that way around.

I observe this pattern in my old AW Series 3 and the current AW Series 7. I really do not understand why the battery drain when it’s not doing anything. But then, seems that your are proving me wrong. Maybe I should wear it to bed and see! :rofl:

I see the same as @geoffaire, around 15% overnight whilst sleep monitoring.
Maybe it prefers the UK :wink:


Almost the first thing I did was turn off Always On display. It seems to be keeping the battery charged over more than 24 hours; currently approaching 36 hours with 46% remaining.

Have turned on Low Power mode as I want to track my afternoon walk home from a hospital appointment. Will turn off Low Power mode before that outwide walking workout. It does not have to get me 48 hours of charge.

Thanks for this article. My Series 4 has been burning through battery more and more. I am usually down to 20-25% when I go to bed and charge it overnight.

I did a couple of these things - the optimized battery/charging and turned off Siri (she only works about 50% of the time on my watch anyway).

When I first got the series 6 I was seeing between 10-15% more drain with the always on display enabled . I quickly turned it off.