151: The Bento Method, with Francesco D'Alessio

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Another vote for an iPadOS version. I downloaded the iPhone version onto my iPad, but it doesn’t display all the text in my list of boxes.

As one with older eyes, I do almost no work on my phone. All of the apps that I use on a regular basis are on my Ipad and mac.

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This is an interesting idea. Could be fun to pair with health data or something to programmatically set the energy level for the day via a shortcut.

I initially misunderstood the seven bentos as being seven max active projects that can each take three tasks, rather than the bento being a planned week. And then maybe distributing the bentos across the week. That would obviously be better for someone wearing a lot of hats than for someone trying to advance one major project across the week. Maybe one bento per Covey-style area of responsibility in the backlog, and you have to add to your list of responsibility areas to get another box in which to pack tasks?

I’m getting my head around this - is anyone using the app?

On the surface it seems like a bit of extra work for limited gain. I already have a process in Reminders to flag three tasks to get done that day and I do them in the order I either feel like or is necessary (say, I have to get something done by 11am)… everything else has to wait regardless of deadline (unless I finish the three tasks and have time for more).

Does it interface with any task managers?

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I haven’t tried the app. I already assign times (via tags) to tasks so I can split my day up based on time available and tasks with suitable timeframes.

I don’t see the purpose of the app- seems to me like a solution looking for a problem