160: Balancing Calendars and Tasks

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Sorry if I missed this part of the discussion within the podcast and the point was made. My task list of choice is Toodledo. A couple of key features for me is the ability to designate a start date, along with a due date, to ensure I’m giving myself enough time to accomplish the task, and that the list has a calendar subscription feed so it integrates into my calendar which allows me to see how the task schedule is affected by the events on my calendar. This helps prevent the issue David discussed where people became overwhelmed as they added items into Omnifocus (or similar software).

Very helpful program, thank you!

During the episode @MacSparky and @mikeschmitz both supported the idea that your workspace can have a tremendous positive (or negative) impact on how you work and what you produce. @MacSparky stated that one of the main reasons he was spending lots of money and hassle on his Endor Studios project was because he believed having a working environment that was beautiful and comfortable to him would improve his work. He cited The Extended Mind by Annie Murphy Paul in support. I agree with that understanding.

However, I’ve noticed in the tech world that when it comes to the digital workspace (apps and OS), many seem not to care at all about that environment, and discount it’s influence on the quality of their work. It seems the only thing that matters in choosing a digital workspace is function, and how many power features there are.

I’m wondering, if beauty makes a big productivity difference in the physical workspace, shouldn’t it have the same effect in the digital workspace? Don’t the priciples in The Extended Mind apply equally to the digital workspace? If so, why lack of attention?

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Absolutely @Jeagar52. Delight matters. The strange thing for us nerds is that we all measure delight very differently.

I’m sorry, I must have not communicated well. I’m not talking about how people will of course have differing views of what “beautiful” looks like to them (even nerds). I’m talking about how people don’t consider at all the beauty (or lack of it) in their digital workspaces, and consider only function.

It would be like building Endor Studios and not painting the sheet rock because it’s perfectly functional without paint, or not giving any artistic thought to the paint color, the wall textures, the flooring, the decoration.

@MacSparky David - do you have examples of the reflection questions you use within Day One somewhere?

Thanks for another great episode.

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He does, check his YouTube channel :slight_smile:

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I always like it when @MacSparky talks about the hippie stuff, and I found the comment about taking the tiller of your life a very powerful image. Thanks for that.

I forgot I’d even said that thing about the tiller :wink: Now that I’ve got dedicated space, expect more tech (and hippie) videos.