169: How to Calm Your Mind, with Chris Bailey


Great to hear Chris Bailey wax poetical, this podcast was like an extension of the book, thanks Chris for being so generous with your time. I first listened to the audio book, then read a physical copy, and have shared that physical copy around my immediate family, and I plan to get the Kindle version too! This really is the most broadly appealing and practical book Chris has written, it’s story and advice easily extends beyond the usual “productivity nerd” circle, and covers new ground in that circle too.

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I’ll be honest that I usually blow some of these things off. But this one really stuck with me.

In a happy coincidence I’m re-reading Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism and I also blew that off the first time I read it. However, this year I’ve been trying to make a more conscious decision about what I’m consuming and I’ve starting to see consumption of various things makes me more anxious.

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