172: Journaling & Focus


Thank you for this episode, guys.

@mikeschmitz would you mind sharing how this lifespan widget in Obsidian works, or where to get further information on that? I’d highly appreciate it.

The code is available here, you’ll just need to update the birthday part for yourself. I put this code in a separate note and then transclude the contents of that note in my Daily Note template.

I also have a video that walks through this (and everything else from my Daily Note) in my Digital Journaling in Obsidian course, if you’re so inclined.

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Thanks a lot. The code works like a charm. It definitely does make a difference seeing that percentage… :wink: Also, worth mentioning: this also displays the progress of Day, Month and Year.

In this context, my mind reminded me of the app “WeCroak” which gives you (I think) up to five quotes at a random time to ponder on your own mortality. I found it quite interesting for a while, and I feel it’s maybe a bit softer because it does not confront you with your own percentage. For me, I do like the percentage.

For non Obsidian users there seems to exist a menu bar app, although I never tested it: ‎Progress Bar on the Mac App Store

I enjoyed this episode because of the big contrasts between David and Mike’s approaches to journaling and I valued David’s description of trying things because people he respected recommended them, but learning that they were not right for him. This made it obvious that they meant it when they said that you have to find what works for you and made me reflect on what I do and what I might do better.

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Thanks for the code @mikeschmitz. I found I liked the progress bar even more than I expected (and I did want this as soon as I heard you mention it on the show). I am definitely over halfway, but rather than feeling like I am watching sand slip away through an hourglass, the progress bar gives me the feeling that I am over halfway to completion. After I reach 100%, assuming I make it that far, every day will just be a bonus gift. And honestly, isn’t every day really just a bonus gift?

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