181: Walking Your Own Path, with Justin Moore

Finding Your Niche

(Cross Posted to Mike’s Faithbased Productiivty Community ). On the podcast, there was a discussion about finding your niche. Strangely as a side effect of doing product management work for years in the Agile world I think I have some rough ideas. (This started as an email to Mike so I’m using what I see in his world as the basis for the example).

Roughly speaking you need to figure out who is your audience and what will they pay for.

For people lacking an audience, you might need to take the Ship30For30 approach of running an experiment on social media to see what people respond to and what they connect with.

Clearly Mike has found at least some of his audience because we’re here.

Based on the current product mix, Mike’s audience is either

  • Obsidian beginners
  • People wanting personal growth (Retreats and LifeThemes)

(My own entirely biased guess) I think Focused and Bookworm both cover personal growth, I don’t listen to Intentional family so I don’t know about.

Once you’ve found your audience, find who spends money and why. Go deeper into serving their needs. From the Agile/Product Management world I would suggest you interview 12-15 people in your community and find out what they need. Ask open ended questions, if you want I can share the rough outline I share with my customers.

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