183: Practicing Focus


So funnily enough I did my first Personal Retreat (just using the MacSparky personal retreat guide) at a Getaway house this summer! I’m in Columbus, Ohio so the Getaway location is about an hour away. It’s a little less remote than Mike’s - my phone’s internet worked the entire time and the nearest town is big enough for a Family Dollar but not a full sized grocery store. I stocked up on eggs, bread and peanut butter and got to reading, writing, and hiking nearby.

I did pay the $50 to bring my dog - dog tax next to the described giant window


Nice episode. I’ll respond later about focus itself.

The Getaway cabin closest to me is $150 on weekdays and $350 on weekends, and it’s not in a dense or wealthy area. Prices greatly vary, it seems.

A local family used to offer a small family cabin to people to think, write and pray for a few days at a time. They offered it for free as a ministry, but you had to know someone they knew and have a phone conversation with them first. This episode had me thinking about reviving that to benefit others as well as my family.

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