187: Drop Zones & Launch Pads, with Jesse J. Anderson


I’ve kept a drop zone/launch pad for keys, wallet, sunglasses etc. my whole life, but for the past couple of years I got sloppy with it, which has resulted in a lot of unnecessary hunting and forgetting things when I go out.

Inspired by this episode, I cleared a surface on a small chest-of-drawers immediately next to the back door, which is the door I use most often to go in and out, and I set up a drop zone/launch pad there.

Left to right: Cigar box belonged to my father-in-law, and it now holds my wallet and keys. There’s a window in the back door, and if a burglar gets as far as that door I don’t want them looking at the chest of drawers and saying, “Oh, goody, a wallet and keys! All I need to do is smash this one window!” So now the wallet and keys are easily to hand but not visible to prying eyes. Next to the cigar box: Extra dog-poop bags, dog treat pouch, sunglasses, and a little Bluetooth remote for the iPhone that fits on my finger (recent $20 impulse purchase, not sure if I like it).


Mine is a heavy oval antique bowl. Wallet, keys, & AirPods, go there as soon as I come through the door.

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