189: Focus & AI


I’m very curious as to what LLM (alleged AI tools) people are using.

  1. I’ve been using ChatGPT for brainstorming and making sure my in depth articles hit all of the edge cases in a given problem area
  2. I’ve coached Product Owners to brainstorm user stories for products their working on. Really just another example of exploring edge cases
  3. MacWhisperer for podcast transciptions

I’m considering two marketing related tools:

  • https://www.blaze.ai - for helping automate the drudge work of creating draft social media posts, draft ad content etc. We will continue to use humans for all the actual writing
  • https://rivalflow.com - for SEO analysis - $$$ for a one trick pony

What I would like:

  • Something that points my writing is unclear (missing negatives etc) - built into gmail
  • A tool to auto classify email into categories: High priority; Mid Priority - MacSparky et al emails; Low Priority - most email newsletters

ZDNet have an interesting wish list article: The AI I want to see in the world: 5 ways it could manage my Gmail inbox for me

What have you found? What are you looking for?

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I’ve been surprised at how useful the chatGPT iPhone app is while driving in my car.

I’ve been using the (recently added) voice / conversation / chat mode where, rather than typing and reading, we talk with each other.

I’m connected to carplay, so the conversation uses the cars speakers and microphone.

It’s like having a hands-free conversation with a clever person, who’s good at summarising and asking thoughtful questions.

The interface isn’t perfect - I sometimes pause too long, and it thinks I’ve stopped talking - but the results have been fantastically useful.

I’ve used it for three-four to four hours over the last couple of days.

Here’s how the conversation started:

Within an hour, we had untangled a whole bunch of stuff, and I’d started framing a new book.

I kept driving, and it kept asking me probing questions, and then it would untangle and summarise my answers.

As a writer, the hardest part is writing!

It’s far easier to talk, then transcribe the conversation.

Being able to chat with “someone” - especially someone who can sum up and rephrase and query and probe intelligently - is incredibly helpful.

Here’s a snippet of the conversation:

For me I did the verbal diarrhea thing, and it tidied up my words.

Getting this much IP / Content out so quickly is incredibly liberating.