1Password 8 for iOS Early Access

There’s been a lot of discussion about the (Electron) macOS version 8 of 1Password (also on this forum).

What do you think about the brand new (SwiftUI) iOS version (8, Early Access)?


If the Electron version of 1Password for Mac is as internally consistent and well-designed as the Electron app Obsidian, I expect it will be perfectly acceptable.


Counterpoint: Obsidian is one of the worst electron apps I can think of. Nothing works the way I want it to, type rendering is poor quality, font sizes are incorrect for macOS, etc. It’s a really, really bad app.

And I say that as a person who likes it otherwise and wants to use it! But it’s so bad I’d use nearly anything else with similar functionality before I really settle into Obsidian. (No offence intended to those who contribute to Obsidian on this forum. I’d be happy to make suggestions for those who can contribute to core code and fix things.)

There are good electron apps for sure — VS Code is very performant and stable, Slack is still pretty ok, a lot of nerds like Brave — but Obsidian ain’t it.

Edit: not to derail from 1Password! As somebody who has used it for years, I can’t say I’m looking forward to the Electron change, but if there’s anybody who might get it right, I think it’s them.


I’m sorry to hear you say that. I thought I was highly resistant to using an Electron app on my Mac. But the more I play with Obsidian (in default light mode, I should say) the more I have come to admire its design. Of course, almost my entire working career (now retired) was spent on DOS PCs, Windows PCs, Unix command lines, and a multitude of web apps. Obsidian reminds me of a really well-done web app.

Full disclosure, I switched away from 1Password to Strongbox on my Mac, so I will not be using their Electron app. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I’m not typically super snobby about this, but a ton of stuff in Obsidian rubs me the wrong way. I’m glad you like it, though! Running the Minimal theme helps me a lot, but it’s still not what I’d like it to be.

Nothing is perfect though.

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I’m interested in opinions on the iOS version; we already had Electron discussions when discussing the macOS version…

And I fully take the blame for this derailing, because I mentioned Electron myself in the first post. Sorry!

Sorry @rob. I think I saw “electron” and went nuts in my posts.

I apologize for derailing your thread and look forward to hearing folks’ thoughts on the new 1Password for iOS.

I don’t know much about electron but after all the bashing I was dreading using 1PW.
To my surprise, 1PW 8 is superior to 1PW 7 and now the iOS app has finally caught up.

I am using the beta now and really love the new interface. It matches the format of the previous app. Everything is also buttery smooth even on an iPhone XR.

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So far I like version 8, but I’m worried about the new requirement that you have to type your account password (at least) every 2 weeks. Haven’t hit that yet, but I expect it to be a major annoyance to type my strong password using the touch keyboard…

I understand why they do this (people enabling biometric unlock and forgetting the account password, getting in trouble later), but I already regularly type that password (using a physical keyboard) on macOS (and Windows).

I have the same experience, at first I was unhappy with 1Password moving to an electron app. Now I have been using the 1Password 8 beta for some time and it is better in every way compared to 1Password 7. It is clear that 1Password is working hard on creating a very good experience with version 8. I’m curious about the new iOS version, so I will try it out, but I do not use 1PW much on iOS.

I guess if you rely on local password databases 1Password 8 is a less positive experience.

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Less possitive is an understatement.

Imagine how you would feel when they try to force you to hand in both your database and a monthly fee after years of promises of NOT abandoning local vaults ever.

Maybe someone has so much empathy in a company that they feel it’s okay to be screwed over if the company says pretty words and earns more money. It’s not me.


I can imagine that you feel this way!

I’m in a different position because:

  1. i do not have to pay for 1Password because I have a family account through my employers enterprise agreement;
  2. one of the reasons I use a password manager is that I can use and access it everywhere, so for me the cloud database is a plus.

If for some reason I would not be able to use 1PW anymore through my employer I would evaluate if I would want to pay for it, or just use something else like Bitwarden or Keychain.

Please, we have a 664 post thread about macOS 1Password, Electron and subscriptions on this forum that we’re trying to get to 700. :slight_smile:

My initial opinion of the new iOS app is positive as far as how the universal design is applied to small screens. I’m a little unsure what’s the best way to use it in early access–just remove the old one, disable autofill? They both seem to use the same Safari extension.

I agree with Rob that entering my password less often on iOS would be nice. I’m already entering the same password every couple weeks on macOS so I don’t need the help remembering it.

This is what I do (so far):

  • App v8 in dock
  • App v7 “hidden” on the second page within a folder (jn case I would still need it)
  • Extension v7 disabled
  • Extension v8 enabled

In other words: “all in” on v8 to see how that works out.

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