1Password Autofill browser extensions woes

I used to be able to go to a website activate the 1P extensions find my password and ask it to fill and it would, irrespective of the url in the record.

Recently, the extension insists on opening the url in the 1P record. These are often incorrect as websites are forever changing there urls. This has not been a problem until now when 1P won’t just paste the password into the web page you’re on, but takes you to the url in the record. If you delete the url in the record the open and fill button does nothing.

Is there any way to stop 1P using a login url? Is there any way to get 1P to paste the login into the page you’re currently on?

This is really frustrating.

What’s 1Password’s Support saying about this?


I’m not having any problems with the 1PW Safari extension. For example, if the 1P Safari extension is already unlocked when I go to Amazon.com and click the Sign In button, I get the Amazon log-in prompt with the 1PW tab for me to select. Once I click the 1PW tab it fills in my address, password, and 2FA as I click the Amazon prompts.


Perhaps I am not having a problem because I do not use a deep link in the 1PW website field. I only use the website home page url, (i.e. www.amazon.com).

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Interesting not using a deep link. I’ll keep my eye out for that if I ever have issues.

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I’ve not had this issue at all, but I tend to truncate any URLs in new records to the base domain


Thanks All,

It is odd as in 10 years this has only been a problem the last couple of weeks. I have hundreds of logins and that will take a while to sort out :frowning: