1Password Cmd-\ Not Working When Search = All Vaults

I have 2 password vaults, one for the office and one for home. However, when I used the Cmd-\ keyboard shortcut to login to a site, it doesn’t work when Search is set to All Vaults. If I want it to work, I need to select the vault I want first. This seems like a glitch, since I would think the All Vaults setting should allow the shortcut to fill in any login no matter the vault. Am I missing something? Is this a setting I need to change? It is a bit annoying. Thanks!

Have you asked 1Password support about this?

I wasn’t sure if it was a bug or a feature, and I thought an MPU might have run into the same situation and know the answer. I can certainly reach out to them.

The default shortcut is ⌥⇧P – did you change that? Perhaps it conflicts with something else?

FWIW, I have no issue here with that shortcut opening the search to “All Vaults” – the setting I have activated in Preferences. So it’s possible for 1P to work as designed – as @JKoopmans suggested, ask AgileBits support. They are very prompt and thorough.

I don’t recall changing the shortcut. Hmmmm… However, if it conflicted with another keyboard shortcut, then I would think it wouldn’t work at all. But if it works for other folks in All Vaults, then I should definitely contact AgileBits, as it is probably something to do with my installation. Thanks.

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