1Password (families) free for 1 year

MDM (@MarkDMill) daily deals shows 1 year of 1P families for free. Grab it here

I’ve been using LastPass for years and have no motivation to change (or should I? :grinning: ). However, I thought it could be a good deal to share (I also would recommend you to subscribe to MDM daily deals!!)


I’m obviously biased but I’ve found 1Password to be excellent and does so much more than passwords, but also 2FA codes, notes, drivers license info, credit cards and more.

If anyone hasn’t used a password manager, please get one ASAP.

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I am another biased 1Password user (11 years last Saturday). And LastPass, from everything I’ve read, is also an excellent product. So, if you are tempeted to switch, I’d suggest you take advantage of 1P’s 30 day free trial. The product can stand on its own.

Your use of a password manager already places you ahead of the pack.

And I just upgraded from the regular subscription to Family 2 weeks ago.

I wonder if I can get an extension with this deal.

Did you find out if you can extend?

If you have not already, I would reach out to @1password on Twitter with your question.

They are generally very good about replying within a day or so, often with a link into their support system (that is to say, they’ll give you a code to use in a follow-up email to their email support team).

I’ve been using LP for several years now. A couple of months back I used simultaneously both LastPass and 1P (trial) for a month. Ultimately I found both to be really secure.

The temptation of switching comes from the fact that it’d be a new piece of software to play with :grinning: (ie waste my time with). Apart from this I don’t think I have a reason to change.

I prefer LP interface and the ability to generate passwords without saving a login. LP also shows in a visual way how strong the password is. Lastly, I can install LP Chrome extension at work but not 1P’s. Oh! And LP is cheaper too.

On my trial with 1P I enjoyed the Watchtower feature. It also seems to have better integration with Apple ecosystem, though I really need a multi-platform password manager.

So I guess, unless I’m missing any major feature, the temptation is really to get myself a new piece of software :grinning:

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I didn’t get a chance to ask earlier today but will try this evening per @tjluoma’s suggestion.

My guess is it’ll be a “no” as the offer says “your first year of 1Password” but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Thanks for sharing! Killer deal! :slightly_smiling_face: You can sign up for MDM Deals daily here

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Thanks for sharing. Big upgrade over my current password manager!

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