1password + Fastmail = Masked Email

If you use 1Password.com and Fastmail, you can now link them to create ‘masked email addresses.

I’ll admit that I have not used Apple’s iCloud-related “Hide Your Email” service, mostly because I was concerned about what would happen if something went wrong. Would I be able to find someone at Apple Support who was able to help me? (And does it work for places that do not use “Sign in with Apple”? I’m not sure.)

I’m much more likely to use Fastmail for this, since email is what they do.

Since I’m doing this today, it be a good day for me to finally sign up for Privacy.com which I’ve been meaning to set up also.


Also see this post and follow-up from yesterday.

Will you be using the @fastmail.com domain for Masked Email? Or will you use your own domain?

(I’m still in doubt what to do)

I think you can use your own domain, but honestly I’m not all that concerned about what the domain is.

Well, you can always use backups and own your data. Your example assumes you lose access to your email and all your other services simultaneously; no? If I’m locked out of my Outlook account it doesn’t mean I lose access to my Dropbox (or inset other cloud service here)…

If I get locked out of iCloud I still have access to my most important data…. Contacts, photos, files, etc.

@ryanjamurphy can we update your awesome email comparison table? The 1Password + Fastmail integration has swayed me and I’m on a 30-day trial of Fastmail. Setup was a breeze!


Any fastmail users here can confirm if Fastmail has custom keyboard shortcut support like Gmail does?

These are the Fastmail shortcuts:

I don’t think you can customize them though (did not know Gmail can do that).

Thats a shame. Its muscle memory for me now.

1 - takes me to inbox folder
2 - takes me all mail folder
3 - takes me to sent folder
4 - takes me to snooze fodler
t - trash
a - archive


Hopefully Fastmail implements this.

I have signed up Fastmail and has that connected to my own domain and 1Password. The whole box and dice :rofl:

As regarding keyboard shortcut, I pulled the fastmail into my Spark app so that I can read all emails from mac, ipad, iphone, etc. The integration with 1Password works quick well, especially creating masked email on my mac (I do not know whether you can do that on ipad/iphone) . However, I am still a bit confused between aliases and masked email in Fastmail. Also it seems that I cannot reply to emails sent to my masked email from Spark without exposing my real Fastmail email address.

May be others can share their experience too

Indeed. I’m afraid the feature is too niche for Readdle to support it in Spark, but maybe 1Password & Fastmail together have more leverage than I think?

@rob I think this restriction is more on the Fastmail side. Due to my limited understanding Fastmail is using jmap, thus enabling the 1Password integration. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of email client (like Spark ) that can take care of the advantage of jmap. Most support imap protocol only

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It’s not a restriction (IMAP does not offer this functionality), but an enhancement (JMAP does enable it), I think…

I’m not sure whether I should use a custom domain:

  • if I have hundreds of credentials using @fastmail.com it will be really hard to leave Fastmail in the future (no plans though)
  • if I use a (new) custom domain I have more freedom, but at a price: about $20/year (yet another “subscription” :wink:)


Will do.

I do like that this 1Password integration is a resplendent demonstration of JMAP, because previously it was like “I guess JMAP > IMAP” but now we have some indication as to why that is instead of just that J comes after I in the alphabet.