1Password help for new iPhone

I just received my new iPhone. I’m trying to setup 1Password on the new phone but I just discovered that I have PWs in two vaults (by accident) on my OLD phone and Mac. On those devices I have a “Personal Vault” with 1696 items and “Primary” with 695 items.


After installing 1PW on my new phone, I have one vault, “Primary”

I want to get everything from both vaults on the OLD Phone to the Primary vault on the NEW phone but I can’t figure out how to do this.

Any help will be appreciated!

Since you still have access to the old phone, then I would go into the “Personal” Vault, then all items. On the upper right side, there is “Select…”. If you click the circle in the top left, then it should select all. From there, you can copy or move to the “Primary” Vault. Hope that helps.


This 2018 twitter response from 1Password explains the difference between the primary and personal vaults.

“Primary vault relates to the standalone app (local vault or syncs via iCloud or Dropbox). A Personal vault is linked to a subscription-based account. Depending on how you use 1Password, you may have two, but we recommend using one linked to how you sync.“

That worked, thanks! Much appreciated.