1Password introduces new Virtual Cards

Here’s another reason why I love 1password!

I haven’t used many virtual or private cards since my credit cards don’t offer them. I love the idea of using virtual cards for subscription services that can be difficult to cancel (often times a gym membership).

Macrumors wrote about it on https://www.macrumors.com/2020/09/22/1password-virtual-cards/

Here’s a youtube about it

Official link on 1password’s site Make safer payments online with 1Password and Privacy.com

Snippet from the link

  • Create new Privacy.com virtual cards right from your browser. When you’re asked to enter a card number, 1Password will show you an option to create a virtual card instead. You can give it any name you choose.
  • Set spending limits. When you create a new Privacy card with 1Password, you can set a spending limit there and then. You can choose a one-off payment, monthly or annual limits, or a total amount.
  • Save card details in 1Password. If you like, you can save your new virtual card in 1Password so it’s always to hand if you need to quickly grab the CVV number. When it’s time to enter payment details again, we’ll show any cards associated with the site you’re on. That way, you won’t create cards you don’t need.

Do you like this feature? What other payments would you use a virtual card for?


This is also discussed on the 1Password Podcast starting at 13m 35s. Sounds good, but currently is only available in the US.

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Didn’t know they had a podcast. Cool

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I was hoping that it was an additional feature but you have to pay for privacy.com to enable that usage. Furthermore, privacy.com prefers to connect to a bank account instead of a credit card. I prefer paying with credit cards because of the customer service and consumer protections so I may not be using this feature as much as I thought.

Yes some of these apps make it so difficult to cancel, recently Comcast Internet. One, they do not allow it over the internet then when somebody called about last bill I said I wanted to close out the bill and cancel, but he was not enabled to do this and there was a 30 minute wait.

They send out emails that are non-responable to. Still using these barbaric tatics.

This looks like a good solution plus you can keep private charges private.

I know what some of you may be thinking, private as in porn channels. Well your mind is in the gutter, how dare you.

I was thinking that B-Day surprise gift for my wife :wink:

I was hoping that it was an additional feature but you have to pay for privacy.com to enable that usage.

Is the Privacy.com Pro plan required for 1Password integration?

I thought the free plan was good enough, but -since I live in the EU- I can’t test this.

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would’ve been great if they had partnered with Apple pay…

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I’m not sure. I saw something about the pro plan but I haven’t tried it yet.

I love the uniqueness transaction numbers of Apple Pay. I’m not sure how they could integrate that

When I saw this news yesterday, it reminded me that my main credit card (from Citi) used to have a virtual card number service that they had been neglecting to the point where it had become useless. (It was web-based and required Flash.) I decided to check it again, and they’ve now rewritten it to work without Flash, so it is once again useful.

This 1Password/Privacy integration looks good, and would be a lot smoother than the Citi virtual cards, but I’d have to switch to the 1PasswordX extension, and (as others have said) I’d have to tie it to my bank account, so I’d be forgoing rewards points.

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Which citi card do you have? I’ll have to check if the virtual card is available on my credit card.

In the UK I have a Curve card - which offers some of the features.

Curve | One Card to Rule them All

My bank offers virtual cards and I don’t want a bank that doesn’t offer this feature. I use it for different purposes and it’s very convenient.

This looks very interesting, but the bugger might be in the details. Privacy.com’s pricing policy is here: https://privacy.com/pricing and there is no note if the 1Password integration will work with their free account.

But, as alluded to above, it does seem a US bank account/debit card is required to sign up. " At this time we only support checking accounts and debit cards from US banks/credit unions as funding sources… We’re hoping to roll out credit card funding, as well as other options, in the not too distant future!" See more here: https://support.privacy.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015788853

I am quite pleased with many of the recent banking options.

I can recommend two that I have been using.

Ally Bank


I frequently have to send many transfers to Thailand. The choices were one wire transfer from a bank that gave a good exchange rate but huge wire transfer fees or Western Union where you got screwed both on the exchange rate and fee charged.

Transferwise has saved me hundreds of dollars. If anyone has to transfer money out of the country I highly recommend Transferwise.

I will be opening a USA based business does anyone have any recommendations for online Business accounts. I am currently looking at:


I am still disappointed in the amount of discrimination that banks and charge cards enforce on their customers involved in legal businesses meanwhile taking billions in from illegal ones and paying fines when getting caught just as COB.

This is pretty cool. I was an early adoptee of Privacy. Can’t say I use it all the time (prefer using a credit card), but when it comes in handy, it’s handy.