1Password - significant backslide?

cmd+\ should work, but, regardless, I’d recommend getting to know the new universal quick access at cmd+shift+space. Enter to autofill (or open and autofill), cmd+c and cmd+shift+c to copy username and password.

Agree the cmd+enter to view search results, and enter to visit the first result, is counter-intuitive, though I have to admit it saves me keystrokes. Same for enter being open and autofill. Hopefully you can find an app that mimics 1PW7’s behavior.

I understand that big changes in software can be frustrating, but switching to another app only because of that will cause equal friction because that app will also have it quirks. I have tried some password managers, but 1PW for me gives the best experience.
I also must admit that I’m using 1PW Family on a free plan I can use because of the enterprise agreement my employer has with 1PW. I I would have to pay for the subscription myself I would evaluate other password managers just because of the subscription fees. I do think it would be hard to find something that works equally well though…

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sometimes I am not sure the empty cache button works. you might try finding the Safari cache folder somewhere in library and removing that manually…

Also you might try with a second user and see if that helps

and this

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The user hostile decisions was removing local vaults, Dropbox, screwing with the extensions support for people not upgrading, etc. Agilebits really doesn’t care or focus on its core audience that made them successful.

With that said, I realize now after using 1PW 8 that everything they did was absolutely right. Dropping local vaults/dropbox made my experience with 1PW 8 so much smoother and I don’t have to worry about changes in Dropbox breaking my sync/experience.

1Password 8 is a vastly superior experience to v7 in virtually every way.


The people who made 1Password historically successful are no longer it’s core audience. 1Password saw the way the world was going and planned for the future (as they should).

I would guess (and it is a massive guess) that corporate users now outnumber anyone who used 1P before that was available (2019?) add on Family users and Single users will be far outnumbered and those who still use local vaults will be far less than 1% (again, all guesses)

That doesn’t mean that the changes to 1P haven’t driven users away, and Apple’s addition of iCloud Keychain will bridge some of the gap.

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