1password subscription

I have been a 1password user for over 10 years. My one and only subscription.

This year they have added VAT to the purchase price. So the advertised price for a family subscription is $4.99 a month = $59.88 a year…Then they have added VAT at 20% (in my area) on top.

I have never encountered this before for a software purchase.Normally VAT would be included within the “advertised price”

I just checked, 1Password bills me 35.88 $ plus vat a year, and advertised is 35.88. I don’t recall a different advertised price for 1PW.

They could add something like “+VAT where applicable” under the pricing options.

When did they add the VAT, it’s a new thing?

Well I just noticed it. A bill is coming up ina few months.

You don’t say where you’re located. :man_shrugging: Which would have been helpful. When you buy goods or services in the EU, you have to be clearly informed about the total price, including all taxes and additional charges.

But you may not be in the EU, or you may not be in it any longer.

Anyway, in the UK the CAP code allows listing the amount of VAT payable separately.

They have been doing that for years.

Lots of people complain on their forum about unexpected differences between advertised prices and actual prices.

I live in the EU and here it is customary that tax (VAT) is included in customer prices, but apparently in the US it is not.

I am from the UK. We are still (just) in the EU

FWIW - it’s customary in the US to list prices that do not include taxes, in part because taxes vary from location to location, so (as someone from the US) I would not expect that VAT would be included in the listed price, because other customers who don’t have to pay VAT would see a higher price.

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It depends on the vendor: Apple in their gargantuan prices includes VAT, but it has an establishment in almost every country…

a (relatively) small developer might not have convenience in doing so, selling digital goods in different countries with different taxations.

Here in Italy (I’d say the whole EU, but not sure) it’s usual that prices for consumers include VAT, and prices for businesses does not.

Yes sorry that is what I meant. Interestingly if you type in 1password.co.uk you get redirected to 1password.com. If you type in 1password.eu I think you reach the site that is “designed” for the UK.

I used to use 1password, until I discovered Bitwarden about a year ago and never looked back. Totally seamless across devices, 100% free and open source. Incredible product.